Specialisation is important to Standard. To ensure the efficiency of the StandardPro direction of our business, the production facility on Marja Street in Tallinn specialises exclusively in manufacturing project furniture: the factory thrives on complicated and large-scale projects. We have made investments into a technology that ensures such high quality of the end products that will satisfy even the most demanding client.


The factory processes and mixes various furniture materials (melamine, laminate, veneer and solid wood) and combines them with metal, glass, fabrics and other important interior design materials. Having one of the most modern production finishing lines in the Baltic States ensures that the end products have excellent lacquered or painted surfaces that are compliant with EU environmental requirements. Standard uses mainly water-based lacquers and paints. Our furniture is environmentally friendly because we all value purity of nature.


AS Standard’s special furniture factory has one of the highest output capacities in Northern Europe: it is capable of simultaneously planning and producing special furniture for 5-7 big hotels.