Design and development

AS Standard usually works on the basis of a design project prepared by the client. The vital communications triangle of client-designer-project manager relies primarily on openness for optimal results.


The client’s wishes, the designer’s concept and the professionalism of AS Standard as the supplier result in added value that helps the hotel to more effectively implement its business goals.


Many companies talk about what they might do one day but the motto of AS Standard is: we know how to do this. Our track record speaks for itself: 12 years of company operation, 16 countries, 120 projects, over 15,000 hotel rooms...


Standard respects the designer’s vision and together we try to find a better and longer-lasting solution. Our furniture engineers are improving the technical methods and selecting the best materials for particular projects on a daily basis. The CAD functionality is especially important for proper product definitions. Smart solutions are international by design.


AS Standard has created the service that we refer to as “design-development-production-delivery-installation – all from one source”. We offer the design service via our network of partners. It is important for us to ensure that our clients effortlessly find solutions to their problems.